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Mission clean hands to reduce nosocomial infections

Tuesday, may 04, 2010

The Ministry of health and sports is engaged for several years in the promotion of hand hygiene. Its objective is to inform and educate both patients that health professionals to actions to reduce the transmission of diseases and the risk of infection associated with care, thanks to the friction of the hands with alcoholic products. It is therefore a priority to combat the scourge of hospital-acquired infections.

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of health and sports, visited in the morning of May 4, the Institute of nursing (IFSI) of the Saint-Joseph Hospital training, in the context of the 3rd edition ‘missions clean hands’ on the eve of the 2nd international campaign of the World Health Organization entitled “Save lives, clean your hands”. Since 2009, the France is committed to the challenge “clean care, safe care” under the auspices of the who.

Operation 2009 testified of the massive health care and medico-social commitment in the promotion of hand hygiene: more than 1,750 institutions are registered on the register of who to mark their adherence to simple gestures that can save lives.

This year, the Ministry of health and sports invites all health professionals to join the global operation on the hygiene of the hands of May 5, n/a Professionals of health and medico-social establishments and professionals can mark their commitment to the promotion of hand hygiene in registering on the internet space dedicated on the site of the Ministry. This space has already allowed them to order information tools in the colors of the “Mission clean hands”, to ensure prevention measures in establishments or offices of city. In addition, a collaborative online tool allows all follow the news of the “Mission clean hands 2010″.

Nosocomial infections affect annually in France nearly 7% of hospitalized patients. Which by extrapolation corresponds to 800,000 people per year. They cause directly more than 4,000 deaths each year.

Blanchot Luc

Source: Press release of the Ministry of health and sports – April 30, 2010