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Contact lenses and care products: the usage rules

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The new law on consumption introduced free sale of lens care solutions. Facing the impact of this new provision on practices of carriers, several associations and trade unions are reminiscent of rules key in the use and maintenance of the lenses.

Contact lenses and care products: multiple use rules do not lose sight!

Lens care solutions: safety advice

December 11 article 17 c of the Bill on providing consumption to liberalise the sale of lens care solutions was adopted by the National Assembly. The marketing of these products is therefore more restricted to pharmacists and opticians only but now open to non-professionals of the sight, actors of the large distribution and internet sites including.

The perspective of diversification of sales channels of solutions lenses, with less secure than other circuits encourage the French society of Ophthalmology (SFO) and the National Association for the improvement of sight (AsnaV) to call the consumer to the utmost vigilance. In addition to encourage users to focus on the quality of the products and follow the advice of professionals, these associations also recall the importance of the rules for good use of the lenses. “Failure to comply with certain basic rules of hygiene and use can lead to various pathologies which some very serious” confirms Dr. Evelyne Blond, President of the SFO Lac (French society of ophthalmologists adapters Contact lenses).

Before any adaptation of lenses, a complete eye examination is therefore necessary to ensure that the person does not contraindications to wearing lenses, such as dry eye for example.

Contact lenses: all tips to follow

Three instructions for use should be recalled to lens wearers:

1 observe the recommended renewal time (daily, bi-weekly or monthly most often), always a box of new lenses in advance to change them to the correct date.

2 maintain its lenses every day by carefully following the instructions: wash hands before handling, daily renew maintenance solution in the case, close the vial of solution after use, regularly change the case.

3. do not exceed the duration of daily recommended (12 hours per day maximum generally): remove his lenses as soon as a sensation of discomfort or tingling is felt and then put some eyeglasses to rest his eyes. Attention, it does not sleep with his lenses unless they are specially provided for this!

In two minutes, the National Union of France ophthalmologists (Hanif) and the French society of ophthalmologists adapters for lenses of Contact (SFOALC) present in video good practices to properly use this medical device.

In this instructional video, the Hanif and the SFOALC explain how to significantly decrease the risk of complication: for example, to adapt its contact lenses in an ophthalmology practice divided by 6 and change daily maintenance solution allows to have 7 times fewer incidents.